Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

At the end of October, we harvest the sound olives with the proper veraison of the prevalent cultivars, Frantoio and Moraiolo, in all the olive groves of the Bibbiano Estates, to obtain, via cold pressing, an Extra-Virgin Olive Oil which represents our Estate and our tradition and territory of origin.

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from the groves overlooking Montornello (North-East) and Capannino (South-West)
In two distinct periods, between the end of October and the first ten days in November, we harvest Frantoio and Moraiolo olives from the groves located on the Estate’s two exposures in order to obtain, via cold pressing, two Extra-Virgine Olive Oils which express the territorial characteristics of the corresponding olive groves of the Bibbiano Estate,


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