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Bibbiano is located in the historic area of Chianti, in the municipality of Castellina in Chianti, and overlooks Val d’Elsa in the direction of the castle of Monteriggioni, in an area where vine cultivation has Etruscan and later Latin origins.

On the edge of this immense natural and human heritage, since 1865 our family has continued the cultivation of vineyards and olive trees with passion, making it alive, modern and up-to-date thanks to an entrepreneurial tradition that has been handed down from father to son, and which has now reached the fifth generation, in the persons of Tommaso and Federico Marrocchesi Marzi.

Surrounded by vast olive groves of more than three thousand plants, the vineyards of Bibbiano extend over a total area of about 30 hectares between 270 and 310 metres above sea level, set on hill slopes that enjoy an enviable exposure and an excellent microclimate, characterised by clay deposits of the Pliocene age that are rich in limestone.

The vineyards are made up of red Sangiovese Grosso and Sangiovese grapes, Canaiolo, Malvasia Nera, Ciliegiolo and Colorino vines, as well as Trebbiano, Grechetto and Malvasia del Chianti vines, on the two slopes that characterise Bibbiano and mark its different organoleptic characteristics.

Our aim is to produce high quality wines, by virtue of a firm choice to exalt the genius loci of Bibbiano, namely the soul of the distinctive geography and the human heritage of the place, generating balanced, elegant wines with distinctive, and sometimes even powerful, personalities with very clear textures.

With a careful selection of the grapes during the harvest, which is still done by hand, and separate vinification of the individual crus of the different slopes, every year we give natural expression to our land and its distinctive features, to its ampelographic and viticultural resources, respecting our desires for a balance between modernity, tradition and the history of this place.


The ownership

Tommaso Marrocchesi Marzi

Born in 1966, classical studies and a degree in economics and business, international management experience, he has been responsible for management of the estate since 2000.

He is a board member of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico for the 2012-2021 mandates, a position already held from 2006 to 2009, and holds the offices of president of the Distretto Rurale del Chianti and vice president of the Fondazione per la Tutela del Territorio del Chianti Classico that put forward the nomination of the region for UNESCO Heritage.

Together with his brother Federico, he represents the fifth generation of family ownership.

Federico Marrocchesi Marzi 

Born in 1969, a degree and a master’s degree in economics and business, Federico is the youngest of the brothers and has been involved in the management of the estate since 2005.


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